Write to Apologize

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Level : Pre-intermediate

Last week you told a lie to your cousin. Write a letter telling your cousin that you are sorry. Explain why you told the lie and how you felt afterwards.

Warm up questions:

  1. Have you ever told a lie that you regretted afterwards? Did you apologize? Did the person you lied to, accept your apology?
  1. How would you feel if somebody lied to you?   Would you forgive them if they sincerely apologized?
  1. Why do you think people sometimes lie?

Informal Letter

Dear Mina,

How are you? __________________ I feel terrible about the lie I told you last week. I’d like to _________________________ why I did it.

When my best friend Sara called to tell me that she was going to have a party for her birthday, I realized that your theatrical performance was on the same day. I thought I’d be able to attend both, as her party was at 7 and your performance didn’t start until 9:30. but when I was at Sara’s party, I completely lost track of time. At some point I looked at my watch and it was 9:15. I knew I wouldn’t manage to get to the theatre on time with all the traffic, so I sent you a text message saying that I was ill.

After that, I felt ___________________ and I deeply regretted sending you that message. It was stupid and unjustifiable. __________________, I know I would feel really hurt and it would be difficult for me to forgive you. I’m so sorry and I hope that you can forgive me.

Jenny, I really didn’t mean to offend you. ______________ nothing like that will happen again!

Lots of love,


Add these sentences to the text. 

 I’m writing because      

terribly guilty

I promise that        

apologize and explain

If I were in your shoes

Answer these questions:

  1. What tense(s) and other grammatical structures have been used in the letter? Why?
  1. How do we start and end an informal letter?
  1. Do we express feelings?

This is a sample of an informal letter of apology in PDF starting with some warm up questions that student’s answer.

Download here : Yenglishtube informal letter of apologizing

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    I know I would feel really hurt and it would be difficult for me to forgive you
    is it correct ?

    I think it is better
    I know I would feel really hurt and it would be difficult for you to forgive me


    Hi Yalda , very helpful letter , plz could u tell me what ” Jenny” is in ur last paragraph ? Tnx a lot xxx


    Hi dear yalda, I need tell you : you are like an angel … I read part of writing and was confused about answers to warm_up questions,but after taking a look ,I saw PDF … Thank you so much …I am very fortunate because of finding you ..thank you


    .Hi Or Dear; We do not usually use both of them. it’s not common

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